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Windshield Damage: Repair vs. Replacement

“Is your windshield cracked or chipped,” will mostly likely be the first question a customer service representative will ask you when you call our office. If it is cracked, our certified trained technician will need to replace your windshield.


If it is chipped, your windshield may be repairable. For your safety, All Service Glass will not repair a chip if it is larger than the size of a quarter or if it is in the driver’s line of vision. When a chip is repaired, you will still see a blemish in the glass. The repair process does not make the blemish disappear like some would lead you to believe. All Service Glass will not repair the chip if it is in the driver’s line of vision because light from another car or the road could reflect off of the chip and cause a flash of light, especially while driving at night. If the chip bothers you now, it will bother you after a chip repair.


The best way to determine if a chip is in your line of vision is to hold a piece of paper up in front of you toward the top of the steering wheel. This will give you a general idea if the chip is in the driver’s line of vision.


In order to repair the chip, installers drill a small hole in the windshield and then put clear glass filler in the hole. Next, they use a suction cup to get glass filler into the cracks. The cracks may improve in appearance, but they will not disappear.  The intent of a chip repair is to stop your windshield from cracking further. The chip will most likely not vanish completely.


During the repair process, the windshield may crack as the installer has to put pressure on the windshield. All Service Glass installers always brings a windshield with them for your convenience, so you don’t have to make another trip. If you have any questions, please call our office. We will be more than happy to discuss your options.