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Windshield Repair

Driving down the highway a truck throws up a stone and puts a chip in your windshield. What do you do?  If the chip is smaller than a quarter, you may want to consider windshield repair rather than replacement.

Windshield repair has been around for many years and is sometimes paid for by your insurance company even if you have a deductible.  Your insurance agent will be able to instruct you on the cost (if any), the size that can be repaired, and where on the glass a windshield repair can be done.  They can also instruct you about the warranty of the repair.  With ASG, the windshield repair is guaranteed for as long as you own your car.

If the windshield repair would somehow fail, the cost of the repair will be credited to the insurance company when a new windshield is installed by ASG.  If you were not covered by insurance and had to pay cash for the repair, you will be given the credit towards a new windshield.

The goal of the windshield repair is to make your windshield structurally sound again without replacement.

There are parameters that have to be followed when choosing windshield repair.  The chip must be smaller than a quarter for a windshield repair.  The chip has to be outside the driver’s line of vision and cannot be located on or near the edge of the glass.

Windshield repair in the driver’s line of vision is not done due to the fact that although a properly preformed windshield repair done by an ASG certified technician will make your windshield structurally sound again, it will not make the chip completely disappear.  It will lighten up considerably, but you will still be able to see it.  Even a properly preformed windshield repair will draw your eye to it.  Distractions such as this are never a good idea.

Windshield repair is a very successful and cost effective option when done properly by a certified ASG technician.  Our Vision at ASG is to be a company that provides 100% satisfaction, no matter what.