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safety glass

What is Safety Glass?

Whether it is because of vandalism, weather, or maybe you locked your keys in the house, safety glass is required by code in many situations. Safety glass is typically made up of two different options. The first type of safety glass is safety tempered glass, a plate of glass that goes through a heating process by getting the glass extremely hot, then “quenching” or cooling the glass at a specific rate (tempering it). When safety tempered glass breaks, it breaks into a million tiny pieces because it is less harmful than large, dangerous shards, and it is much stronger than standard plate glass. The second type of safety glass is laminated safety glass: two pieces of standard plate glass but with a clear PVB laminate sheet between them. When safety laminated glass breaks it holds itself together, making it much safer in commercial settings. Safety laminated glass is a great option for security purposes because, due to the glass holding itself together, unwanted guests cannot enter as easily.